Bring on the Flyers

Congratulations, Bruins. You earned it. Dispatching of those pesky Canadiens is just one step in a long journey, and certainly proves that a turtle doesn’t know squat about predicting Stanley Cup playoff games.

Now there’s the minor matter of healing the still-fresh wounds of a blown 3-0 series lead and eventual loss to the Philadelphia Flyers in last year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. Another series, another challenge. And, should the Bruins fend off the Flyers and advance to the Eastern Conference finals, we can only hope that Jack Edwards ups the ante on his post-series buffoonery.


2 thoughts on “Bring on the Flyers

  1. Thanks for the link to that bizarre Jack Edwards screed — OK, let me get this straight: A huge Czech defenseman ramming a guy’s head into the side of the glass is equivalent to the Boston Tea Party? WTF?

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