Toughen up, rednecks

So, the Bruins were wrong. Tampa Bay Lightning fans actually DO exist — they’re just a group of whiny, timid, and fragile crybabies.

On Wednesday, after being deluged with complaints from fans of the Bruins’ Eastern Conference finals opponent, the team removed this sign outside the TD Garden:

The message being, obviously, a playful poke at the loyalty of the Tampa Bay fan base. Perhaps a legit dig since the Lightning’s average attendance was 18th in the 30-team NHL, but the St. Pete Times Forum averaged just an 87.1 percent capacity, 21st overall. The Bruins, on the other hand, sold out each of their 40 regular-season home dates and all six playoff games.

Personally, I thought this sign was much better:

Though not quite as funny as this one during the Bruins-Flyers series:

It’s called having some fun. No harm, just an opportunity to rib the opponents’ fans. Apparently, folks in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area have  a funeral director’s sense of humor.

Leading the charge is some knucklehead  DJ named Mike “Cowhead” Calta (left), whose show runs from 3-7 p.m. on WHPT, affectionately known as The Bone. Looks like a pretty high-brow station, too; Cowhead’s colleague at the station is known as Bubba the Love Sponge.

On Wednesday night, Calta and a handful of Lightning fans who have an internet connection in their trailers engaged in a Twitter war, blasting Bruins fans who dared to question their absurd  sensitivity.  As of midday Thursday, the banter was ongoing, with Calta predictably resorting to off-color and sexist remarks toward anyone who questioned his motivation.

If there is a hockey god, by this time next week Tampa sports fans will be able direct all their energy toward the Rays. Oh, wait, they don’t go to those games either.


One thought on “Toughen up, rednecks

  1. Saw a game down at the St. Pete’s Forum — and it made the old Garden look like the Taj Mahal. And while one of my best friends is a ‘Ning fan, you just can’t match the fervor of Bruins fans.

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