Think before you act, sports fans

Sports fans have been running onto playing fields since the beginning of time. No doubt, rambunctious young men, cocked on cheap mead, disrupted some heated jousting matches during the Middle Ages. Probably ended up on a Catherine wheel, too. This kind of Catherine wheel, not this kind.

Through the years, the threat of death for arena transgressions has subsided — except in the Bronx, perhaps. These days, boozed-up boneheads simply have to be prepared to spend the night in lockup, sobering up and scrapping together bail money.

Of course, that’s if you get to jail before getting your ass kicked. Once you leave your seat and make the unwise decision to try to run out to high-five an outfielder, all bets are off. Especially at Fenway Park, where security pretty much salivates at the opportunity for a good take-down. Just ask this guy:

Now, that is an impressive open-field tackle. Which got me thinking about one of my favorite series of commercials. I think it should be required that every office have a guy like Terry Tate hanging around.


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