City of Champions: Boston, MA

It’s an embarrassment of riches. A ridiculous wealth of winners. An obscene streak of athletic prowess.

No matter how you look at it, Boston is Title Town. There is no disputing that. Since 2001, Boston has claimed seven professional sports championships between the Patriots (2001, ’03, ’04), Red Sox (2004, ’07), Celtics (2008) and now, after a decisive Game 7 victory over the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday night, the Bruins (2011). Five months from now, the Red Sox could very well be hoisting their third World Series trophy in eight years.

There’s a reason Boston sports teams are despised by most other fans outside the borders of New England.  But that hatred is tinged with a fair amount of envy.

The Patriots were without a Super Bowl title for the first 42 years of the franchise’s history before winning three in four years. The Red Sox’ well documented 86-year World Series title drought ended in 2003, and the Celtics hadn’t been the last NBA team standing since 1986 before the New Big Three won it all in 2008. And the Bruins hadn’t held the Stanley Cup since 1972.

But now, it’s the team that started this incredible run — the Patriots — that has gone the longest without a title: seven years.

Man, what the hell’s wrong with Belichick?


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