Lowell’s Pawtucket Falls during a mid-winter thaw.

I’ve always had an interest in photography. Twenty-five years ago, I took a photography class while attending Northeastern University and really enjoyed it. Back then it was all film, an archaic medium akin to the typewriters we used in our journalism classes. Our final photojournalism project required us to capture themed images, develop our own film, mount the images in slides and present them in a slideshow format to the rest of the class.

I swear I can still smell the developing chemicals on my hands.

Still, my photo taking consisted mostly of snapshots of my children and family, with the occasional wow-that’s-pretty-cool photo taken while en route to somewhere else. I don’t recall too many occasions when I went out specifically to shoot.

I have owned a Pentax film camera for at least 20 years, but it’s spent the last few years in the basement, its batteries encrusted in acid and locked into place (anyone know of a camera shop who could help with their removal?).

My wife and daughters gave me a camera two Christmases ago and I haven’t used it nearly as frequently as I’d like. I’m hoping that changes. Most of my shots are taken with my smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S4, which has a phenomenal camera.

This week, I was contacted by the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism, which featured the above photo in its “10 Beautiful #VisitMA Instagram Photos From 2014” blog entry.

Earlier this month, my photo of a sunset along Lowell’s Dutton Street was featured by BestPhotogram HDR as one of its Sunday highlights.

The sun sets over Dutton Street near its intersection with Market Street in Lowell.

And two weeks ago, selected my black and white photo as part of its monochrome feature series on Instagram.

Steam punk
Steam rises from a manhole on the campus of Northeastern University in Boston.

As anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook can tell you, I never pass up the opportunity to post photos, sometimes in excess. But it’s hopefully more compelling than letting the world know what I had for lunch.

If you’re interested in seeing more, check out my Flickr and Instagram page.


2 thoughts on “Life in the viewfinder

  1. it’s amazing that your pictures were selected for such cool publications! You’re a great photographer! Just take out your camera everyday and shoot all the beauty around you! You won’t regret it! 😉

    1. Thank you, Julie. It’s a old hobby I’ve rediscovered more recently – life gets in the way sometimes.

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